Contecord becomes a Brazilian

(Foto: Herve Bonnaud)

(Hembergen) It is with mixed feelings that Torben Köhlbrandt is letting this horse go: Seven-year-old grey Holsteiner Contecord by Contefino-Acord II has been sold to a South American investor and will be presented in sporting competition by Mexican Rodrigo Lambre from now on. Rodrigo Lambre is Brazilian and the brother of competitive rider Santiago Lambre, who competes for Mexico. Contecord was trained at Torben Köhlbrandt Stables by Philipp Rüping and achieved fantastic scores of 9.0 and better in show-jumping tests as a six-year-old horse. In 2015, Torben Köhlbrandt placed a multitude of times with the athletic grey horse on the international Youngster Tour. We wish Rodrigo every success and joy with and on this wonderful horse.