We offer:


...for you:

For example to help improve and optimize the work between horse and rider.  The type of work and the training details are determined on an individual basis according to your aims and requirements.  We pursue your goals.

...for the horse:

This could be for talented young jumping horses or experienced candidates.  Whether you would like to send these horses for basic instruction or advanced training, or to see them competing in tournament sport, do just get in touch.  Nations Cup rider and trainer of many young horses Torben Köhlbrandt is always available.  And of course we all place the utmost importance on caring for your four-legged friends.

Tournament Assistance...

...because it’s always good to be able to fall back on experience.  We are very happy to assist you and your horses at our site in Emsdetten and also at national and international tournaments!  Training and competition plans are drawn up together and we will support you fully at the events themselves.  Newcomers are always welcome in our team.


…when you want to sell your horse, we are happy to assist you in negotiations and support you in your search for a buyer.  If you are looking for a horse to suit you, we can offer you help with that too – if you don’t find a first-class candidate directly from us, we will join you in your search for the right horse.  Your interests always come first.